Slip-on designs make it easy to swish around the house like a traditional schoolgirl or a cool, modern-day samurai.

There’s no denying that traditional Japanese garments are stylishly beautiful, and we’d love to add more of them to our wardrobes if they weren’t so expensive and heavy to wear.

Here to solve that problem is retail chain Village Vanguard, with the Yuru Hakama (lit. “loose hakama“), which looks identical to the two-piece outfit traditionally worn by samurai and schoolgirls in the Meiji period (1868-1912).

These new designs might look like separates but they’re actually one-piece garments, taking all the fuss out of confusing ties and crossover positioning, which can signify death if done incorrectly. Now you’ll never have to worry about committing a deathly faux-pas again, as all you have to do is slip the clothing over your head and you’re immediately dressed!

While these types of Yuru Hakama have appeared on the market recently, this new range has been especially made for the summer heat, using a faux-hemp cotton material that’s soft to the touch but light and breathable without being see-through. Another first for the range is the fact that it includes men’s styles as well, with a dropped waist and shorter sleeves to differentiate them from the women’s styles.

▼ The Light Gray x Navy for men is said to exude a refined sense of elegance. 

The Purple × Dark Grey gives the traditional garment a modern twist, especially when worn with accessories like a hat and glasses.

The Blue x Brown for women combines a cool brown shade with a cool blue that resembles the summer sky.

The Ivory x Mint Green for women offers more subdued shades of soft ivory and refreshing minty green.

The Yuru Hakama is designed to be used as comfortable loungewear, so you can channel a Meiji-era schoolgirl while you study.

And swish about the house like a lazy samurai.

The hakama comes in medium through to extra-large sizes and retails for 9,790 yen (US$92.30). The full range can be purchased online from Village Vanguard, where you can also pick up a traditional wooden notebook and foxy kitsune socks to give your outfit some extra flair.

Source, images: PR Times 
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