Out of the 35 contestants, where does Japan place?

Mister International is one of the largest male beauty pageants in the world, judging an average of 31 contestants each year. The crowning event for Mister International 2016 was held in Bangkok, Thailand on February 13. This year there were a total of 35 contestants from different countries being judged in swimwear, formal wear, and even their countries’ traditional clothing. Needless to say there was plenty of eye candy for all.

While all contestants deserve recognition, of course only one could be crowned, and this year’s winner was 24-year-old Paul Iskander, a fitness manager and exercise instructor from Lebanon. Last year’s winner, Pedro Mendez of Switzerland, was there to crown his handsome successor.

▼ In traditional Lebanese dress

▼ Looking especially dapper in a suit

This is the third time in the contest’s 11 years that Lebanon’s representative has won the title. They sure know how to pick ’em! The country with the next most wins is Brazil, winning the crown in 2007 and 2011.

Now we can’t forget the runner-ups, as this year Japan‘s ikemen representative Masaya Yamagishi came in as first runner up! The 24-year-old from Kanagawa is a professional swimmer, and also works as a TV personality and gym trainer (with those muscles, we’re assuming that’s not a gym of the Pokémon variety!).

▼ In a uniquely designed happi-style coat

The title of second runner-up goes to 23-year-old Vinicio Modolo from Italy. The computer and electronic engineering student is also an excellent cook, and hopes to find a career in the fashion industry. We don’t think he’ll have any troubles with that.

The following finalists in the competition are Chris Veltkamp of the Netherlands, Kittikun Tansuhat of Thailand, and Ngyuen Tien Dat of Vietnam. There are plenty of photos of all contestants on the Mister International Facebook page to oggle over until next year’s crowning, so be sure to have a look!

Source: Mister International Facebook via GENXY
Reference: Wikipedia 
Featured image: Mister International Facebook