Pikachu is being joined by another classic Pokémon species in this year’s team-up.

For the last few years, Mister Donut, Japan’s favorite donut chain, has been doing limited-time team-ups with the Pokémon franchise. Mister Donut has just announced that the collaboration will be taking place again this year, and the promised return of the adorable Pikachu donuts is already putting a song in our hearts and a growl in our stomachs.

But Pikachu won’t be the only Pocket Monster species getting the donut treatment, as this year he’ll be joined by none other than Psyduck.

Psyduck will be the fourth Pokemon to be turned into a Mister Donut donut, following Pikachu, Eevee, and Jigglypuff, who made their donut debuts in 2018, 2021, and 2022, respectively. The Gen-1 Water-type might seem like an unexpected pick for the Mister Donut/Pokémon sweets series, but the consistently stressed-out Psyduck has been getting some increased time in the spotlight recently. The public art displays for this month’s Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama included columns of Psyduck illustrations, and it’s also one of the species featured on Yokohama’s newly installed permanent Pokémon manhole covers.

Psyduck was also prominently featured in the teaser trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Pokémon Concierge stop-motion animation series, in which he’ll seemingly have a role as a faithful companion to the story’s human resort concierge.

Mister Donut is yet to reveal any details as to what the Psyduck donut will look or taste like. Given the species’ ability to send out psychic blasts when unable to control its powers, a sharp, stimulating flavor wouldn’t be out of character, but with the theme of this year’s Mister Donut/Pokémon tie-up being “zoning out and taking a short break,” a mellow, soothing taste to relax with, to help whoever’s nibbling on it keep from mentally erupting, would make sense too.

The Pokémon donuts are big seller every time they’re released, so thankfully Mister Donut is giving us a heads-up way in advance that this year’s batches will start coming out of the ovens and going on sale in early November, which might even be a clue that Pokémon Concierge will be premiering around then. In the meantime, though, if you’re interested in trying your hand at making your own Psyduck sweets, this Japanese cookie chef has some amazing ideas.

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