Japanese company aims to provide women with a “high-spec” man of their dreams thanks to their rigorous testing and exacting standards (no mention of looks or personality).

Some Japanese women feel they have a difficult time finding acceptable suitors, with in certain cases might have something to do with their expectations. In the past, surveys have shown  the importance of a romantic partner’s salary in the minds of many single women, but criteria such as a lofty academic background and a high income can be hard to identify at a glance. However, for those looking for a solution to that problem, the company Ikinari Date (meaning “sudden date”) may be just the thing.

Ikinari Date’s application process is so tough that less than five percent of male applicants pass muster. The men are expected to have graduated from one of the country’s better universities, have a job in a highly respected profession such as a lawyer or doctor, or for a company employing more than 100 staff, and to be aged between 23 and 39. Well, that’s me out, at least until RocketNews24 takes over the Internet and expands its staff several times over. The conditions for women are a little less stringent; they need to be aged 20 to 26, and have graduated from a university or be currently studying at one.

The official website even gives details of what sort of universities their members graduated from, with nearly 20 percent of the men having graduated from the prestigious Keio University.

As Ikinari Date’s name would suggest, it aims to be rather immediate, though it doesn’t involve jumping out of bushes at passing strangers wielding flowers. Instead of seeing whether you like the look of each other in photo form (a la Tinder) prospects are thrown together on a lunchtime date. Users who pass the test give details of when they’re free to meet, and an Ikinari Date staff member will book a restaurant for your encounter with destiny. This means that one day you could be lonely at home, wondering why you haven’t landed yourself a brain surgeon/member of the landed gentry, and the very same day you could be tucking into lunch with a high-spec man. A high-spec man who also feels the need to use a dating service, but a high-spec man nonetheless.


The Ikinari Date service is currently only available in Tokyo and Osaka and women signing up now will get one date free; usually each date costs 1,500 yen (US$13) a pop. Or, if that doesn’t work out, maybe these lonely ladies could try looking for some otaku love.

Source: Ikinari Date Press Release
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