If you’ve been too hesitant to give natto a try, this may be the way to start!

Whether it comes from a festival food stall or from a package at home, stir-fried yakisoba noodles always hit the spot. The dish is usually prepared with thinly sliced carrots and cabbage and bits of pork, tossed together with light chewy noodles flavored with a deliciously tangy, salty sauce.

While the noodles taste great just as they are, sometimes aonori seaweed flakes or pickled ginger are added to the mix. Other times, instant noodle manufacturers like to get creative with their flavors and toppings, and things like Peyoung’s “yakisoba plus natto” comes into existence.

Natto, if you’re not already familiar, is a fermented soybean product touted for its health benefits, but is also infamous for its gym-sock smell and slimy texture. If you’re not a fan of gloopy foods, you’re in luck, because the natto included in this instant noodle creation comes freeze-dried.

▼ The pack’s contents, all laid out


▼ The Yakisoba plus Natto, ready to be eaten

To prepare, simply add the seasoning packet to the noodles with hot water and let sit for three minutes. Once the noodles have rehydrated, strain the water, mix in the sauce packet, and sprinkle with the freeze-dried natto beans.

Yakisoba plus natto is a specially manufactured product for Seven & i Holdings, and is on sale now at 7-Eleven convenience stores and Ito Yokado supermarkets for 185 yen (US$1.60). How does this compare to yakisoba flavors like cilantro, chocolate, or strawberry shortcake? We’ll have to find out for ourselves soon!

Source: Peyoung via BIGLOBE 
Images: Peyoung press release