Gudetama, the lovable lazy egg from Sanrio, is again “busy” at work, this time as a limited edition McDonald’s dessert! 

For an egg claiming to be too lazy to do anything, Sanrio’s Gudetama seems to be keeping himself awfully busy with various projects (including filling a public bath with 10,000 copies of himself). This time, his newest venture involves being featured as a McFlurry dessert from McDonald’s Japan!

The McFlurry Gudetama, which will be released June 8, is made with a rich, milky soft serve ice cream as the base, but the fun part is that they will be mixing in a mystery ingredient along with two sauces, also in a mystery flavor, to create a cold dessert with a unique “Gudetama” taste.

Plus, the McFlurry will be served in a special cup that comes in six adorable Gudetama designs, so you can enjoy both looking at and tasting the popular Sanrio character!

And as an added treat, McDonald’s Japan will also be offering a special edition Happy Meal that comes with one of six different Gudetama toys that can be used as mini-straps.

▼ We have a feeling that it won’t be just kids wanting one of these Gudetama straps.

But that’s not all. McDonald’s Japan is also running a series of Twitter campaigns to promote the Gudetama McFlurry, and the first campaign, which is just about to finish on June 7, asks Twitter users to tweet their guess as to what flavor they think the McFlurry will be for a chance to win a golden Gudetama figure. The second campaign, which will run from June 8 to 12, will also ask for guesses on the mystery flavor, but after the public has had a chance to taste the actual item, with 2,000 yen (US$18) McDonald’s gift cards as the prize. To enter the giveaway, you need to follow McDonald’s Japan’s Twitter account (@McDonaldsJapan and tweet your guess along with the hashtag “#ぐでたまってなに味?” (What flavor is Gudetama?). If you’re interested, you can check out the details on the special promotional page from McDonald’s Japan’s website.

▼ They’ll be giving out one golden Gudetama and 50 McDonald’s gift cards (worth 2,000 yen) in their first and second Twitter Gudetama McFlurry campaigns!

If you’re desperate to try the Gudetama McFlurry as soon as possible, the dessert is now on advance sale exclusively at the Harajuku Takeshtia Street branch, but at all other McDonald’s locations across Japan, the item goes on sale from June 8 at a price of 290 yen a cup, and is scheduled to be on the menu until early July. And for those of you curious about the mystery flavor, they’ll be announcing what it is on June 13, so make sure to try the McFlurry before then if you want to take a guess without knowing what the secret flavor is!

Source: McDonald’s Japan Gudetama McFlurry press release 
Top image: McDonald’s Japan Gudetama McFlurry special campaign page 
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan Gudetama McFlurry press release, Happy Meal special campaign press release