In an age where some people have hundreds, or even thousands, of friends on social networking sites, rustling up just three of them will get you a hefty discount.

From March 1, McDonald’s restaurants across Japan will be offering their coffee at discounted rates for groups of two, three or four people ordering together.

A normal medium-sized cup of hot Premium Roast Coffee would usually set you back 150 yen (US$1.33) but buy two with a friend and it drops to 240 yen for both, or 120 yen each. Three’s a crowd, but should you manage to manoeuvre that crowd into line, the prices drops again to 330 yen for three coffees. Finally, if you’re blessed with three whole friends, the four of you can sip away at some sweet joe for a mere 400 yen total.

To take advantage of this offer you’ll need a campaign coupon, which are available via the official McDonald’s app on Android or from the Apple Store, the official Twitter account, or the McDonald’s website.

And for the misanthropic among who have no normal need for friends, where better to start the hunt for a temporary cheap coffee-based relationship than in the queue? Fair-weather friends for the fast food era. The official website mentions nothing about a friendship test, although it may be worth learning some key information just in case. Go for the coffee, stay for the human contact.

▼ Coffee, defier of sleep and now facilitator of friends?


The group coffee discount will run until the end of the March.

Source: Entabe
Top image: McDonald’s
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