getaway home becomes a family home, with a young father who says his ties to family are stronger thanks to downsized living.

In the mountainous woods of Sakuho, in Nagano Prefecture, a tucked-away cottage stands as a testament to the benefits that can come from living in a tiny home. Designed by a young father named Daigo, who built this tiny cottage on unused family land with a group of friends from school, the wooden cabin was first created as a getaway for him and his friends to hang out in, but today the place now acts as a home for Daigo and his young family.

While the owner says his family benefits from living in a small space rather than a larger one, the cabin also runs entirely off the grid, with composting toilets, solar panels to provide electricity and fresh water that runs from a shrine in the mountains.

For a breath of fresh mountain air, take a look at Daigo’s tiny home in the video below:

The cabin was inspired by Daigo’s visit to Finland, with Finnish design playing a large part in the creation of the interiors. The open-plan layout includes a dining area, a living area and a study area by the window.

A burning stove heats the room, making the entire area cosy and warm, even in the depths of a cold Japanese winter.

The sleeping area is located in a loft area upstairs, which is cosy but also light and airy, with expansive views from the surrounding windows, which give Daigo and his family a beautiful view of the stars at night.

The 5.4-metre by 3.5-metre (17.7-foot by 11.5-foot) home cost just US$16,000 to build. While it took a long time to come together, Daigo says the process of creating the tiny home was a lot of fun and his relationship with his family is better in a small space.

With its light and airy interiors, large deck and expansive garden area with impressive mountain views, we can see why Daigo likes living in this tiny home. After seeing this house and a small mobile home on wheels in Japan recently, we can’t wait to see what other creative designs are hidden away around the country!

Source, images: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House