Small building comes with a big price tag. 

With more and more people working from home during the pandemic, the demand for quiet spaces that offer privacy has grown significantly.

Previously, we’ve seen companies come up with handy home solutions like one-person tents and tiny soundproof rooms, but now real estate company Ki-Star has gone one step further by creating a totally detached workspace designed to be installed outside the family home.

The detached model is called the “Hanare Zenzen“, with “hanare” meaning “detached” and “zenzen” meaning “totally”, while also being a play on the word “zen”, which refers to the quiet serenity of Zen Buddhism. Measuring 210 centimetres (6.9 feet) in height at its lowest point, and 182 centimetres in length and 91 centimetres in width, this detached building contains one compact room that comes with a bench at one end designed for telework.

The Hanare Zenzen is said to be a smaller and simpler version of theHanare Study Version“, a detached structure released in May that was itself a smaller version of the “Hanare” released in November 2020.

▼ The Hanare, which measures 182 centimetres wide by 364 centimetres long, is designed to be used as a storage space, and is priced at 547,800 yen (US$4,982.94).

▼ The Hanare Study Version (1.98 million yen [$18,010.64]) is 364 centimetres wide by 182 centimetres long, and is designed to be used as a place for hobbies or teleworking.

The eye-wateringly high price tag for the Study Version is due to the interior design, which offers more internal space and home-like features, including a study bench, a side window and sliding glass doors.

▼ The Hanare Zenzen also comes with a high price tag, although with prices starting at 559,000 yen, it’s significantly less than the Study Version.

For those with money to spend, though, these detached buildings promise to be worth the investment, as they’re decked out in high-quality flooring and wallpaper, and boast the same heat insulation performance as a house, thanks to the use of double glazed glass, which cuts down on energy costs. They’re also designed to be fitted with air conditioners if required, and are professionally constructed, with construction work taking two days for the Zenzen and Hanare, and eight days for the Study Version.

Sales for all the models are currently limited to the Kanto region in and around Tokyo. If you’re outside of Tokyo, however, there’s always the option to purchase this detached mini log cabin for teleworking or just having fun. Come to think of it, compared to these models, the tiny log house isn’t so expensive after all!

Sources: Keiai (1, 2) via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Keiai
Insert images: Keiai (1, 2)
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