Who is that hiding behind the dance group in their newest music video shot all over Nagoya?

Music group World Order isn’t only known for their robotic dancing and electronic beats. Their act can also be delightfully comedic when employed in the right situations, usually during their publicly shot music videos set around the world. Seeing the group pump their arms and “walk” by popular destinations is now as iconic as it is mesmerizing. While Genki Sudo, the founder of the group, is no longer the full-time front man, it seems he is continuing to dance with World Order, at least in their newest music video, “Singularity”.

The video features the perfect mix of all the elements we’ve come to love from the group, including suited dancers moving around robotically and an intricate “dance machine” that could only come from the minds of World Order. Fans are treated to a few special guests part way through the video as well. World Order is basically challenged to a dance off with a bunch of office women in the conference room. However, these aren’t just any regular ol’ office ladies though; they’re eight members of SKE48, one of the sister groups to AKB48 that are based in Nagoya. They’re the perfect companions to help World Order enjoy the sights and sounds of the third largest city in Japan, as soon as they all bust out of the office.

It isn’t too surprising to see World Order collaborating with the idol group SKE48, as fans will remember that members of AKB48 joined them in Akihabara for the “Have a Nice Day” music video. Both idol groups and World Order have gained some popularity by synchronizing their dances and positively representing Japan around the world, but given the choice between emulating cheerleaders or eclectic robotic salarymen, we’ll take the robots any day of the week.

Source: YouTube/WORLD ORDER