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We guarantee that watching the video will result in a very “nice day”.

Last October, we sadly reported that Genki Sudo, the MMA fighter turned musician and dance master who established the internationally-famous group, World Order, was retiring as lead singer to focus his talents behind the camera. We believed we could never recover from the shock, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised with their new song and music video, which was released in March.

Their new video was bittersweet as we missed seeing a “genki” Genki Sudo appearing our screens. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered with a new version of one of their past music videos. Backed by more than 100 dancers, Genki Sudo leads the charge towards everyone having a nice day.

All this was possible thanks to the Tokyu Corporation and their new initiative called Tokyu Plus, which aims to draw attention to hidden gems in and around Tokyo with YouTube videos starring Japanese and foreign celebrities. It seems like a cool campaign, but let’s get back to the 100+ robotic dancers in suits!

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While the original video for Have a Nice Day was shot in Akihabara, this new one was filmed all over Shibuya. Though the video only runs for just over two minutes, it fills us with joy to see Sudo dancing up a storm again. Here’s to hoping the director and producer of World Order finds more occasions to return to being in front of the camera, perhaps for Tokyu Plus!

Images: YouTube/World Order
Additional information: Tokyu Plus

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