A fearsome giant is no match for a powerful travel spot in this impressive video.

In between Japan’s main island of Honshu and the southern island of Kyushu lies a stretch of water with a current so powerful it has the ability to save its seaside residents from the might of a towering monster. That’s the theory behind a new awe-inducing promotional video created to draw attention to the area, that is.

The impressive clip, produced by the Kitakyushu Sightseeing Association, features some amazing visuals from the creative team at Shirogumi, who recently provided visual effects for the blockbuster film Shin Godzilla (also known as Godzilla Resurgence).

Take a look at the awesome new kaiju monster they created for the sightseeing association below:

The clip begins with a couple of youngsters who lose their ball into the Kanmon Straits. The two find out they’re in for a huge surprise when a swirl of water spits the ball back at them and a giant, terrifying monster suddenly emerges from the waves.

The giant crab-octopus-poisonous-puffer-fish monster hybrid towers over the Kanmon Bridge, terrorising nearby residents, who run for safety.

As the frightening monster lurches towards the residents, there’s a stumble and a moment of confusion before…

▼ The giant is swiftly toppled and defeated by the natural power of the Kanmon Straits!

Accompanying the new promotional video is a special campaign website, which outlines the official stats for the new monster they’re calling “Kaisendon“, which is the same name as a popular rice bowl containing fresh sashimi on sushi rice. Kaisendon weighs in at a hefty 120,000 tonnes and stands at 229 metres (751 feet) tall.

According to the association, the body of water between the islands is 650 metres (2,132 feet) wide at its narrowest point and has a powerful tidal current topping 9.4 knots. We can’t help but wonder how Shin Godzilla would’ve fared had he tried to come ashore in this area instead of emerging from the sea in Kamakura, south of Tokyo!

Source: Net Lab
Images: YouTube/北九州市観光協会