These guys must be from Southeast Asia because they are hot and steamy!

Long-time readers know that some of us here at RocketNews love a nice muscly man, known as macho  in Japan. Whether they’re being used to pound mochi, shave ice or sling yakiniku barbecue, we never say no to looking at some bulging biceps.

Of course, Japanese guys aren’t the only Asians getting righteously ripped. Check out these sexy photos from Thai portfolio service SKiiNMODE that combine elements of Asian culture with the continent’s hottest hunks.

They cover the gamut of traditional to modern Asian iconography, from sexy samurai to a gender-bent version of Ghost in the Shell’s murderous geisha robots.


▼ Traditional kite making is suddenly much more interesting to me.

The photos are sexy, but they’re also fun. Even anime and Power Rangers are represented in the mix.

▼ Looks like the Black Ranger is doing some Morphin in his pants…

▼ No Name being used to strategically cover up… uh, Haku and two Susuwatari

Here, a Japanese oni mask meets a sword that looks straight out of Final Fantasy.

For my money, though, the best is a series called Forbidden Love with two love-struck warriors fighting their temptation for each other. It’ll make the yaoi fangirl in you sigh with… well, with something.

There are a lot more gorgeous photos to enjoy, including a lot of bondage-themed ones we thought might be a bit too racy for our site, so follow SKiiNMODE’s Instagram and Facebook to see more. Or you can check out more from our macho series.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a cold shower.

Source: Instagram/skiinmode
Featured image: Instagram/skiinmode