Experience the moving moment from the film, and see the night sky as it would have actually appeared!

Critically acclaimed anime film Your Name made waves in Japan’s film industry and beyond when it was released in the summer of 2016. While the story itself tugged heartstrings and received positive reviews, a large part of the movie’s appeal was its beautiful imagery – in particular, the moving scene when protagonists Taki and Mitsuha meet for the first time.

Those who loved the movie, and that scene in particular, can now relive the beautiful moment at home, thanks to a collaboration between the Your Name franchise and HOMESTAR planetarium projector brand. The HOMESTAR projector was created through collaborative efforts with famed Japanese engineer Takayuki Ohira, creator of the record-setting Megastar projector, which was named as the planetarium projector that can project the highest number of stars in the world.

With the special edition Your Name HOMESTAR projector, you can see the night sky as it would actually appear on October 4, the day Taki and Mitsuha met, from the Chubu area of Japan. The projected scene gradually changes, from the moment they met at sunset, until the appearance of the Tiamet comet.

The projector also plays three of the hit Radwimps songs from the film, including a music box version of “Zenzenzense”, and piano versions of “Sparkle” and “Nandemonaiya”.

The Your Name home planetarium projector goes on sale this July, and can be pre-ordered now through Amazon Japan for 9,200 yen (US$84.36) plus tax and shipping.

Source, images: Segatoys website