Accessorized nails make even your X-rays a fashionable photo shoot.

When you stop and think about it, X-ray imaging is an amazing accomplishment. A way to take pictures of our skeletons from outside our skin? That’s practically sorcery!

Of course, there’s no magic involved, as X-rays are all science…or are they? Japanese Twitter user and Chinese resident @ny1069p recently shared a photo of an X-rayed hand that’s bursting with fantasy elements.

Each fingertip appears to be conjuring some sort of mystical iconography, with stars and a crescent moon making for a magical aura. But it turns out there’s no mana or other fantasy energy running through the hand, but instead some three-dimensional nail art accessories that’re showing up in stark detail in the X-ray.

“If you’re not careful, your nail art will turn your X-ray into fantasy,” tweets @ny1069p, prompting comments like:

“Moon prism power!”
“Looks like a wizard’s hand.”
“Elemental magic has been channeled into each fingertip, allowing the mage to activate a combination of multiple powers best suited to the present combat situation (my deranged second-year-middle-schooler analysis).”
“This would make a great album cover.”
“Such fashionable bones!”

As a matter of fact, those celestial accouterments are so eye-catching that only a few commenters even seemed to notice that middle finger is bending painfully to the right, as either a result of a cracked bone or sprained, over-extended ligament.

▼ “The same thing happened to me” tweeted another commenter with a heart on her thumb and smiley face on her middle finger.

@ny1069p doesn’t mention if the X-rayed hand in his tweet belongs to his wife or a friend, or if it’s something he found elsewhere. Either way, it shows that nail art won’t just add something special to your personal appearance, but to your X-ray’s too.

Source: Twitter/@ny1069p via Hachima Kiko
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