Low-tech idea yields high-tech-looking results.

The cosplay community has grown large enough that there are now companies which sell dedicated costuming aids to help enthusiasts with their artistic pursuits. However, those looking to stay ahead of the industry often come up with clever and affordable do-it-yourself solutions.

So let’s say, for example, that you want to cosplay as a sexy cyborg. You could spend hours hammering and painting sheet metal, or maybe find someone with a plastic mold if you’d prefer something lighter. Or, apparently, you could do what Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @monhannoero did: slip on a pair of black sheer stockings, pour water over your lower body, and tell the photographer to shoot away.

@monhannoero recently shared some snapshots of a new costume she’s preparing for the Cosholic cosplay event that’s scheduled to be held in Tokyo on May 5. Even though her legs and hindquarters are clothed in extremely light, breathable fabric, they look like they’re made of shapely steel, or at least encased in a contour-hugging sci-fi bodysuit, in the photos. At least one online admirer thinks the photos look like something out of cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell.

However, @monhannoero says that different brands of stocking produce different results, and that the photos are the culmination of extensive experimentation wetting various types. When asked which brand she bought for the above photo shoot, she coyly replied that she’d received the stockings as a gift, and made no mention of their maker.

It’s unclear whether @monhannoero is also working on a top half of a costume to go along with her cyber legs for Cosholic. Should she decide to go for a full, top-to-bottom costume, odds are it’ll be pretty polished, judging from her impressive photos as one-eyed, one-armed, slashing pink-haired people-killer Baiken from video game series Guilty Gear.

But, on the other hand, if she’s simply planning to show up to Cosholic clad in a suit jacket, dress shirt, and wet stockings, that would also, admittedly, put plenty of eyeballs on her.

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Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@monhannoero