Enako’s newest cosplay is taking fans’ breath away.

Usually, when we see Enako, Japan’s number-one cosplayer, showing off a new costume she’s dressed as a character from an anime or video game series developed in Japan or elsewhere in Asia. For example, last month she cosplayed as Yor, the maternally minded master assassin from Spy x Family, Hochi Shojo, and since then she’s done cosplays for mobile games Hochi Shojo and Line: Monster Farm too.

But this week Enako branched out by cosplaying as a character who originates all the way on the other side of the Pacific: Viper.

“I wonder how long you’ll continue breathing,” tweeted Enako along with the photo of herself transformed into the venomous agent from California-based Riot Games’ Valorant.

Valorant Viper gameplay

Though it’s a departure from the cuter cosplays she’s best known for, Enako’s Viper version has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from commenters.

“So cool.”
“Switching my main to Viper for the rest of my Valorant-playing days.”
“Whoa! I couldn’t even tell that was Enako at first.”
“Looks totally different from how I’m used to seeing her.”
“Total transformation.”
“She’s got such a wide range of cosplay skills.”
“This cosplay is from a whole other dimension.”

For those who’ve been keeping a close eye on Enako’s career, the Valorant cosplay may not have been a total surprise. In addition to cosplaying, she’s branched out into video game streaming, and she’s been playing Valorant recently, even entering her first tournament for the game earlier this month.

And as you can see from her post-tournament tweet above, she used Yoru, meaning Viper isn’t the only character she’s got an affinity for, so maybe we’ll see more Valorant cosplay from Enako in the future.

Source: Twitter/@enako_cos via Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/VALORANT
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