Recipes don’t always turn out how you expect them to.

In the past, we’ve seen some truly surprising food fails, where home cooks attempt to replicate a recipe with disastrous results. Whether it’s an oozing black stovetop monstrosity or a frightening pancake from Howl’s Moving Castle, sometimes even the best attempts at following instructions can result in some weird-looking meals.

The latest cook to join the hallowed ranks of epic food fails in Japan is the beloved wife of Twitter user @beppumataji, who thought she would try her hand at making a cute pull-apart bread featuring the well-known character Rilakkuma. According to the recipe she found online, the end result would look just like this:

The unique-looking pull-apart bread looked sure to be a hit at the dinner table. Who wouldn’t want to tear off a tubby little individual Rilakkuma bread to enjoy with their meal?

The bread that appeared to be the stuff of dreams actually turned out to be more of a nightmare, because this was the result that @beppumataji’s wife was left with.

The name “Rilakkuma” means “relaxed bear” but there’s certainly nothing relaxed about this! It looks more like a mound of terrifying trapped faces silently screaming to be let free from their restraints.

While the home cook wasn’t sure where she went wrong, according to the original recipe, it should have gone something like this:

After posting images of the “ideal vs reality” recipe attempt online, the couple received tens of thousand of likes and retweets.

While the images have been bringing smiles to the faces of fellow Twitter users, many of whom have endured similar cooking fails of their own, @beppumataji says his wife is now more determined than ever to succeed with the recipe.

Still, the two had a good laugh over the hilarious cooking attempt, and according to @beppumataji, the character bread actually tasted delicious, despite its strange-looking appearance!

Featured image: Instagram/Attopecolly_official
Insert images: Instagram Attopecolly_official, Twitter/@beppumataji
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