To arrest him. Not because they’re, you know, lonely or something.

Outrageousness broke out in Musashimurayama, Tokyo at about 10:30 in the chilly morning of 16 December when a middle-aged man was seen walking the streets wearing nothing but a orange-pink bra. Several residents witnessed the stroller out in the 6℃ (43℉) temperature and notified police.

However, even though the man knew he was being watched, he had said nothing and slipped away by the time police arrived. Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact them and describe the suspect as “in his 30s, 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) tall, and completely naked wearing an orange-pink bra and dark-rimmed glasses.”

It’s unclear whether they mean the bra is an orangey-pink color like salmon, pink with orange stripes, or some other combination of the two colors.

Readers of the news online reacted with shock and disgust… disgust that the police would refer to the man as “completely naked” when he was clearly wearing stuff.

“Well… he wasn’t completely nude.”
“You can’t say he was completely naked, because he had a bra on.”
“This is technically a false accusation, they guy was wearing a bra and glasses.”
“I guess that’s all he had to wear that day.”
“It’s hard being a pervert in this weather.”
“There is a possibility that he was attacked and had everything except his bra taken.”
“It’s not a bra! It’s a pectoral muscle supporter!!!”
“If only he had a matching pair of panties that day. This wouldn’t have even been news.”
“How can you not wear socks in this weather?”

Pedantry aside, this person is still at large and may be in need of psychiatric counseling or at the very least lots of lotion. If you see him we advise you to call police and not attempt to apprehend him, because that’d be kind of gross.

And please remember: he’s in his 30s and wearing a pink-orange bra. If you see a guy in his 40s with a purplish pink bra, that’s not the culprit.

It’s just one of our reporters.

Source: Hazard Lab, Itai News
Images: SoraNews24