Not sure if cute…? Nah, it’s cute.

In Japan, white snakes are seen as symbols of luck and prosperity, though it seems that now might be the time to update that to symbols of “cuteness” too… at least when they’re around plastic bowls of cup ramen anyway.

Japanese Twitter user @BlueSky36229917 recently posted a photo of his pet white snake, a super-fire ball python (which has to be the most badass species name we’ve ever heard of), interacting with the convenience store favorite.

Here’s the original tweet:

“After I’d come back from cleaning his poop,
I found him coiled around the cup ramen.”

I’ve never really thought of snakes as cute before, but just looking at those big black eyes, the slightly mischievous smile, and of course the fact that he’s probably thinking he’s caught a big juicy animal, when it’s actually just a plastic bowl his owner probably picked up for about 200 yen, is just downright adorable.

According to the owner, he usually puts the snake in a separate cage for longer cleanings (so that he wouldn’t escape), but this time he’d just left the snake on the table for a minute to do a quick swap of the sheets inside the cage.  The owner guessed that the snake might’ve been looking for a place to hide, since the bright open table didn’t provide too many dark hiding places, which the snake generally prefers.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“I never thought snakes could be so cute.”
“So white and beautiful!”
“Maybe for him it’s the same feeling as us hugging a pillow?”
“It’s like the snake is saying ‘I will protect this for you.'”
“Man, now I want a snake.”

Us too, netizen. Us too. Although for now it seems like we’re just going to have to be content with seeing how our pet kabutomushi (rhinocerous/horned beetle) reacts to a plastic bowl of cup noodles.

Source: Twitter/@BlueSky36229917 via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@BlueSky36229917