If only we could all feel as needed as the person whose arm we see in this video.

In the never-ending debate over whether cats or dogs are the superior pets, the canine camp continuously points to the greater affection shown by its animal companion of choice. After all, the typical dog will jump up and down with joy when you come home, whereas a cat might not so much as look back as it walks coolly out the door, even as you gasp and plead for it to bring you your insulin.

But just like with people, a cat’s personality depends on the individual, and we don’t think there are many members of the animal kingdom, regardless of species, that are more affectionate than this cat, owned by cosplayer and Japanese Twitter user @Kirika_ma_cos.


“Look, I’m not going anywhere,” tweeted @Kirika_ma_cos in mock exasperation at the unrelenting full-body hug his pet is delivering to his forearm. And while it probably is a little inconvenient and mobility-hampering, plenty of online commenters could see an upside to the situation.

“Way too cute!”
“What an angel.”
“More adorableness than I know what to do with.”
“I wish that cat would do that to me!”

That last commenter’s desire might go unfulfilled, though. According to @Kirika_ma_cos, the cat doesn’t cling to anyone but him in this manner. “I’ve totally spoiled it,” he says of his pet, and he might be right, seeing as how he’s been letting the cat use his arm like a huggy pillow since at least last August.

But it’s possible @Kirika_ma_cos can’t help it. In a display of heartwarming surrealism, one of @Kirika_ma_cos’s followers showed the above video to his own cat, and it too is unable to resist the charms of the arm.

Maybe like how some people just have a green thumb, @Kirika_ma_cos was lucky enough to be born with a kitty arm.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@Kirika_ma_cos