Add this to the list of random things that will entertain your cat.

Cats are relatively easy pets to entertain. There’s no need to buy fancy toys; boxes, bowls, more boxes, paper bags, plastic bags, tiny snowmen, and even more boxes are enough to keep your furry felines happy for hours! One cat even loves watching its owner play Super Smash Bros., so you even have the potential to just do exactly what you want to do, and your cat will be happy.

One thing we wouldn’t have expected to entertain quizzical kitties, though, is an icy drink. I mean, there’s nothing interesting about that, is there? It’s just cold, maybe a little wet, and it doesn’t move or really make much noise. But to one cat, it’s the most interesting thing in the world. Twitter user and cosplayer Zawako’s (@zawakoz) cat, Komachi-san, apparently found the occasional clink of ice in a drink absolutely fascinating.

“Komachi-san’s been waiting for about 20 minutes for the ice to shift again,” writes Zawako, who took two pictures of their cat staring intently at the cold drink, which was filled with ice. Judging from the hyper-focused look in its eyes, it’s expecting that little “clink” sound at any moment. That makes Komachi-san’s power of concentration really impressive, since that’s such a small thing to notice, never mind wait patiently for!

Whether Komachi-san really did sit and lock eyes with some ice cubes for 20 minutes or not, the cat’s intent stare was enough to impress other Twitter users, since the tweet got almost 400,000 likes and retweets in just a few days.

“It looks like Totoro!”
“That super serious stare is so cute! Who will win?”
“The clink that resonates with our heartstrings”
“It’s so ridiculously serious!!”
“It’s sooo serious! hahaha How cute!”
“Now you’re not allowed to drink your drink anymore.”

In response to another user’s question, apparently when the ice finally did shift, Komachi’s only response was that its pupils got huge, and for a second it was even cuter than usual, which we honestly can’t imagine. We have no idea how long Komachi-san sat waiting for the next crackle of the ice, but we do hope Zawako was eventually able to drink their drink!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@zawakoz
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