Cup Noodle continues its reign as the most democratic instant ramen brand around.

Followers of Nissin’s official Cup Noodle Facebook and Twitter feeds are often treated to whimsical photos featuring either real or fantasy merchandise based on the leading instant ramen brand. Wacky inventions such as Cup Noodle Shampoo bottles, bowling pins, and water filters are thrown out there to amuse and inspire.

▼ CPU Noodle seems woefully lacking in RAM and PCI slots, and it doesn’t offer dual HDMI monitor support, but damn it if I still don’t want one.

However, they may very well be a testing ground for actual promotional merchandise. Last May, Cup Noodle posted a simple little photo featuring a person walking with a paper bag. On the bag was an image of a kettle pouring hot water into a Cup Noodle, but it was oriented in such a way that it looked like the person was pouring the water.

▼ “Tottemo ii ne!” (a punny phrase meaning “Good handle too, eh!” and “Very good, eh!”)

Reaction was good with over 8,000 likes (or variations thereof) and dozens of comments, most of which read, “I want that!”

Although it took a little time, it seems Nissin was more than happy to oblige. On 17 October they posted that the Tottemo ii ne! bags were created and officially on sale through their website or at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama for 300 yen (US$2.90) each.

▼ I’m not sure why everyone is walking like they have 10-kilogram shoes though.

However, as of this writing, the online store was completely sold out. It is unclear whether any are left in stock at the Cup Noodle Museum, and there is no word yet on whether Nissin will produce more of the bags to meet the current demand.

▼ “This item is sold out.”

Nevertheless, it’s a nice sign that Cup Noodle is constantly paying attention to their customers’ wants. They are also trying it out again with this exclusive T-shirt that makes it look like the wearer is constantly eating a Cup Noodle.

▼ “‘If we get a lot of likes, we might make it’ Series No.2: T-shirt that looks like you’re eating a Cup Noodle”

Since its posting in August, the T-shirt has already generated 11,000 likes, meaning we will likely see it for sale in the coming months.

Now, can we all just band together and give enough likes so that Nissin will construct these Cup Noodle gas stations? I reckon it’s going to take a lot…

Source, images: Facebook/Cup Noodle, Nissin Online Store (Japanese)