The well-known doughnut chain is now the place to go for Michelin-quality ramen.

When we think of Mister Donut, noodles is not something that instantly comes to mind. However, the popular doughnut chain actually has a number of outlets in Japan that offer a special yum-cha menu, complete with dumplings, fried rice, steamed buns, and, yes – ramen.

To help promote these non-doughnut menu offerings, Mister Donut has just announced a surprising collaboration that nobody saw coming: a tie-up with Soranoiro, a ramen restaurant so esteemed within the gourmet community that it’s earned itself “Bib Gourmand” status in the latest Michelin Guide.

While it’s not as prestigious as a star award, Bib Gourmand recipients in the guide are recognised for offering high-quality meals under 5,000 yen (US$44). Receiving recognition in this affordable category is still a high honour that puts Soranoiro head and shoulders above thousands of other ramen restaurants in town, so this surprising new collaboration has piqued the interest of ramen lovers everywhere.

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今日は、 #ミスド の春の #新商品 、新CMの発表会に参加してきました。 #ミスドmeetsソラノイロ ということで、 #共同開発 した商品が4月26日から #ミスター飲茶 販売店舗で食べれます。 #ソラノイロ の #ベジソバ をイメージした #ベジ涼風麺 と #トマト豆乳ベジ涼風麺 の二種類を共同開発しました。 ソラノイロの他には、 #祇園辻利 #ハウス食品 と名だたる老舗、大手メーカーが共同開発をしています。 こんな場に参加できて、光栄です。 沢山の女性を #笑顔 にする商品になれば嬉しいです。 是非、4月26日以降、ミスドの店舗でご賞味ください。

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The two new noodle dishes coming to Mister Donut are being called Veggie Suzukazemen” or “Veggie Coool Breeze Noodles“. Taking inspiration from Soranoiro’s signature “Veggie Soba” range, this style of ramen is filled with the goodness of vegetables, designed to support a healthy body, and is said to be perfect for eating during the warmer seasons, as the noodles are served refreshingly cold.

The Veggie Suzukazemen (572 yen [US$5.28]) promises to be a colourful serving, containing flat, chewy noodles kneaded with paprika to give them a vivid hue, and five kinds of vegetables, including cabbage, zucchini, young corn, and two types of paprika. The fresh flavour of the ingredients is finished off beautifully with a sweet carrot soup. Served with a dollop of red yuzukoshō paste on the side, this spicy condiment made from chili peppers, yuzu citrus peel and salt adds a tasty hit to the dish.

Next up, we have the “Tomato Soy Milk Veggie Suzukazemen” (464 yen), which features the same type of flat paprika noodles, this time served with a topping of semi-dried tomatoes. These noodles come with a dipping soup made from soy milk and tomato, which is said to perfectly balance the sweetly acidic flavours.

On sale from 26 April to the end of August, these two dishes will be available at Mister Donut outlets offering the yum-cha menu. For a list of participating outlets, check out this page here.

Given that Tokyo’s Michellin-starred ramen restaurants Tsuta and Nakiryu were also in the Bib Gourmand category before winning their Michelin stars, there’s every chance that Soranoiro could follow suit, so be sure to stop by for a taste of their unique Mister Donut specials while you can!

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