From shouting “Condom!” to more romantically delicate methods.

On June 1, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare kicked off an AIDS awareness week campaign. Although the dangers of unprotected sex are well documented, condom use can be a delicate subject to discuss in Japan, where much of interpersonal relationships are often built on assumed implicit understanding and direct expressions of opinion are often shied away from in an effort to avoid confrontation.

Still, condom use is a critical component of a healthy sex life, and to help make broaching the subject easier Yasuharu Hidaka, a professor of social epidemiology with Japan’s Takarazuka University, has created a list of 100 ways for women to tell their would-be sexual partner that he needs to strap up before he goes in. The list has now been made into an illustrated booklet, titled 100 Ways to Get a Guy to Use a Condom.

Available on Hidaka’s website, which deals with topics related to a number of health issues, the 100 Ways are grouped into eight categories: forcefully decline sex without a condom, express your desire for him to use a condom in a straightforward manner, use the mood to your advantage, say you want him to use one for birth control, buy condoms yourself and keep them on hand, be strict about using a condom from the very first time you sleep together, and wordless declination. Among the suggested phrases and techniques are:

● “If you won’t put one on for me, we’re not doing it.”
● “No condom? Then no sex today.”
● “Condom!”
●  Gently say “Let’s put one on.”
● “Hey, um, can I put a condom on you?”
● “I don’t like the idea of a shotgun wedding.”
● “We’re not having sex without a condom, so let’s go buy some!”
● While stroking him and getting him hard, put one on him to indicate what’s coming next.
● Before going back to your place, stop by the drugstore together and say “Let’s buy some.”
● Show that you’re severely pissed off through your facial expression and body language.

The entire booklet can be found here on Hidaka’s website, with folding instructions shown here.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital via Otakomu
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