Condomania Japan condoms bring the beauty of Japanese ukiyoe to your nether regions

When traditional Japan is a huge turn-on

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From shouting “Condom!” to more romantically delicate methods.

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Chinese company gives employees two boxes of condoms each for year end-bonus

You can’t put a price on safe sex. At least that’s what Chinese company Scisky is banking on.

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Japan’s Okamoto trials voice-activated condom-dispensing belt in new promo【Video】

Always be prepared, or so the boy scouts’ saying goes. And with this bizarre spring-loaded, condom-dispensing belt, you will be!

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Japanese condom maker creates CG video of two T. rexes humping 【Video】

How else are you supposed to sell prophylactics?

Warning! Hot dino-on-dino action coming up, so check whether your workplace Internet policy allows such things before reading on.

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This is not just a box, it’s the Condom Bomb Box! Korean guy pulls a fast one on his friend

When I was younger, my father would remind me every time I went overseas, “if a stranger at the airport asks for your help with their luggage, harden your heart and say no, because you don’t know what’s in their bag.” I’ve always kept that piece of advice in the back of my mind although I’ve never come across such a situation in all these years, and most people know not to ask other travellers to handle their bags.

Seeing this prank video created by a Korean YouTuber, however, made me appreciate my father’s words a lot more. Being just a funny prank, nothing dangerous or illegal was involved, but this package sure came with generous servings of embarrassment and hilarity!

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C*ck wear becomes cookware in latest Japanese cookbook

Wonder what’s for dinner tonight? Your pantry is loaded and there are so many choices! Sometimes, you are just looking to utilize your favorite cooking apparatus. Let’s browse the cookbooks we have here. Everyone Screams for Tagine, Casserole Role Call, Fast Recipes for the Slow Cooker, Cooking with Condoms, wait, what? Yes, you heard us right, an actual cookbook available for your favorite e-book device. Leave it to the Japanese to use whatever they have lying around…

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Cute video uses bowing, socks and smiles to teach us the right way to put on a condom

Growing up in dreary North West England and attending Catholic school, my experience of “sex education” amounted to little more than a couple of awkward encounters around the back of a local bowling alley and a guest speaker coming into school one afternoon to show us a selection of gruesome slides labelled with the names of various sexually transmitted diseases. Thankfully, with the help of (painfully slow dial-up) internet access and my surprisingly liberal parents, I managed to piece together enough info to work out what went where and how, and made it to adulthood relatively unscathed, only occasionally feeling pangs of guilt whenever I had impure thoughts about the cute presenter of youth-oriented news programme Newsround.

If only I’d grown up in Japan and had YouTube to hand; with videos like this one from Japanese NPO group Pilcon – which instructs us how to put on a condom in a manner we can only describe as “sex ed meets airline safety demonstration with extra smiles” – I could have learned so much more easily!

But what on earth is that sock thing she has in her hand?

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Japanese condom maker pierces previous boundary with 0.01-millimeter wonder

For modern society to function, there is a line that must be protected. When it does its job, it’s often taken for granted, but should that line break down, fear and panic will shortly follow. The line must hold at all costs.

However, the line cannot be too thick, lest it rob humanity of the joy it needs to continue as a species. For the line to do all that it must, it must be precariously thin, yet unbreakably strong.

What’s that, you ask? Is this thin line the police, who separate the law-abiding and criminal elements of society? No. We’re talking about Japan’s thinnest condom here.

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Japan’s sex habits laid bare – Condom maker reveals results of national survey

Known the world over for impecable manners and social etiquette, yet at the same time home to a thriving sex industry, Japan is a country of stark contrasts. What goes on behind closed doors is seldom discussed in public and yet with risqué manga and adults-only bars and stores in plain view in most city areas, there are likely few urbanites who aren’t plainly aware that behind its deep bows, well-regimented table manners and ceremony surrounding even the seemingly trivial act of exchanging business cards, Japan has a naughty side.

In a recent survey carried out by Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami Condoms, however, 4,100 people from all over the country disclosed the intricate details of their sex lives, discussing everything from when they first started doing it to how often they have sex today and whether they’re completely satisfied in bed.

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