“You can go to the bathroom while you and Pikachu look at each other!”

Pokémon fans can share a lot of happy moments with franchise mascot Pikachu, and not just exciting in-game and on-screen adventures. In the real world, Pikachu is ready to be by your side when you’re ready to indulge your sweet tooth, take a recharging nap, or even get married to the love of your life.

And now Pikachu is happy to hang out with fans while they take a poop.

Though little kids have always been the core fanbase for the franchise, it wasn’t until last year that there was a dedicated Pokémon baby line, called Monpoké. It started off with clothing, bibs, and rattles, but now Monpoké says it’s ready to release what “people have long been waiting for”: a Pikachu training toilet.

Since it’s not hooked up to any sort of plumbing system, you could probably also call it a chamber pot. Designed to help kids transition out of diapers, the reconfigurable Pikachu training toilet can be used in three different ways. For kids about 12 months old, Monpoké recommends having them sit down and do their business directly into the unit. Step 2, for 18-month-olds, detaches just the top portion to use as a supplementary toilet seat to support young bottoms, with Pikachu coming along for the ride as a handle so they can hold on tight as they make their deposit. Finally, Step 3 is for two-year-olds who are skilled enough to go to the bathroom by themselves but still need an auxiliary seat, and also repurposes the training potty as a stepstool.

▼ The “poo-receiving tray” is removable for easier cleaning, and the auxiliary seat has anchoring hooks to keep it firmly attached.

Oh, and while the default position has Pikachu looking off into the distance, the handle can be rotated, so that, as Monpoké excitedly explains, “You can go to the bathroom while you and Pikachu look at each other!”

▼ If it’s any consolation, Pikachu’s legs are clearly visible, meaning his body is separate from the toilet, and so you’re not pooping directly into him.

The pot/seat combo is priced at 6,500 yen (US$62), while the seat alone is priced at 3,600 yen. Sales are scheduled to start in early November at Japanese Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores, as well as the latter’s online shop.

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Source: Monpoké via PR Times

Images: Monpoké
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