There are more than 80 mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including ramen, fries, chicken, and, of course, plates and plates of sushi.

A few of the things we love about visiting sushi train restaurants is the freedom to pick out our favourite dishes as they roll by on a conveyor belt, and the chance to create magnificent towers of colourful, empty plates at the end of the meal.

Like the plates, the prices stack up at the end of the meal, so our towers have never been as tall as we’d always dreamed they could be. Now, though, we’ll be able to stack those plates all the way to the ceiling, thanks to a new all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal from one of the country’s most popular conveyor belt sushi chain restaurants.

The limited-time special is being offered by Kappa Sushi, and there are more than 80 types of dishes on the menu to choose from. As well as including sushi and desserts, diners can also enjoy unlimited drinks at the self-serve drink bar and side dishes like edamame, udon, ramen, fries and chicken nuggets as part of the amazing deal.

The impressive offer starts on 13 June and runs until 14 July, limited to diners on weekdays between the hours of 2-7 p.m. To keep the company from going out of business, there is a time limit to proceedings, with a 70-minute cap on the unlimited feast.

The deal is priced according to the customer’s age and gender. Children under elementary school age eat for free, while elementary school children are charged 780 yen (US$7.10), seniors 980 yen, women 1,380 yen and men 1,580 yen, plus tax. Extensions are charged at 500 yen for every 10 minutes beyond the 70-minute time limit and unlimited alcohol can be added to the order for an extra 680 yen.

The only downside to this amazing deal is its limited availability. The offer is currently being trialled at the following 20 outlets in Japan:

Aomori Prefecture – Hachinohe Ruike; Miyazaki Prefecture –  Izumi bypass; Ibaraki Prefecture – Sano; Gunma Prefecture – Ota; Saitama Prefecture – Warabi; Chiba Prefecture: Sakura Terazaki and Kamogawa; Kanagawa Prefecture – Kita Shin-Yokohama; Niigata Prefecture – Oyachi; Nagano Prefecture – Minami Matsumoto; Aichi Prefecture – Nagoya Moriyama and Ichinomiya Interchange and Komaki; Kyoto Prefecture –  Sakai Mihara; Osaka Prefecture – Higashi Sumiyoshi and Neyagawakori; Hyogo Prefecture – Nishinomiya; Hiroshima Prefecture – Hiroshima Minamikanon; Fukuoka Prefecture –  Yame; Oita Prefecture –  Oita Mori

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the deal proves to be successful for Kappa Sushi so they decide to expand the offer beyond these 20 outlets and bring the unlimited feast to Tokyo in the near future!

Source, images: PR Times
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