Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi’s newest menu item is just sushi rice, but we’re not that mad about it, honestly

Kappa Sushi is revitalizing its sushi…starting with its rice!

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Kappa Sushi rents out conveyor belt for diners to use at home

Popular restaurant chain lets you take a conveyor belt home with your takeaway!

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Ho ho ho! Merry fried chicken sushi appears in Japan!

Japan’s signature cuisine meets its favorite Christmastime import.

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Can’t go to conveyor belt sushi? Major Japanese chain will bring the conveyor belt to you!

Two chefs will also come to your place of choosing, as long as it’s big enough.

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Which conveyor belt sushi place’s chawanmushi egg custard is the best? We investigate【Taste Test】

If you skip this sometimes-overlooked part of a traditional sushi restaurant meal, you’re missing out! Read More

We try a rotating sushi chain’s super high-quality 3-layer caviar, sea urchin & fatty tuna sushi

For just 300 yen, you can try some of Japan’s most luxurious sushi ingredients, but is it worth it?

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Want free all-you-can-eat sushi in Tokyo? Revolving chain wants your YouTube video in exchange

Grab your camera and your chopsticks, because Kappa Sushi is making an offer you won’t want to refuse.

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We investigate which conveyor belt sushi restaurant is best for drinking alone, drowning regrets

Kappa Sushi, Kura Sushi, and Sushiro. Which pairs best with contemplating past mistakes?

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Sushi restaurant offers traditional Japanese meal of dirt-cheap chicken and whiskey

Grab a highball and serving of fried chicken for only 200 yen (US$1.80)! And if you’re feeling really crazy get some sushi too.

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This restaurant’s US$0.45 sushi is an amazing way to expand your sushi horizons in Tokyo

More variety than we’d hoped for at far less than we’d ever expect to pay make this a great place to try types of sushi you’ve never had before.

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This is what a 10,000-yen (US$90) Unagi Sushi Cake looks like

A beautifully arranged, blissfully huge order of one of Japan’s favorite summertime foods.

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Sushi Cake is returning to Japan for the holidays

Despite the elegant appearance, Sushi Cake promises to be as tasty as any other cake made from raw tuna and vinegared rice.

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Four things to remember when you try Japan’s hottest all-you-can-eat sushi deal

You might think “all-you-can-eat sushi” is all you need to hear, but here are some things you’ll want to know so that you don’t waste your money.

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50-cent sushi added to one of Japan’s favorite sushi chains, perfect for newbies, variety-lovers

Eating sushi in Japan is about to get even more awesome.

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All-you-can-eat sushi, ramen, and desserts return to Japanese restaurant chain for under 15 bucks

The deal, which includes unlimited soft drinks too, is back, and better than ever.

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Japanese sushi train restaurant offers unlimited food, drinks and desserts for less than $15!

There are more than 80 mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including ramen, fries, chicken, and, of course, plates and plates of sushi.

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Here’s what a 10,000-yen Sushi Cake from Japan looks like

Sure, frosting and strawberries are great, but today we’re chowing down on a “cake” topped with premium tuna and actual gold.

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We try vegetarian sushi at Tokyo’s newest sushi train restaurant 【Pics & Taste Test】

If you’re vegetarian or simply not a fan of raw fish, a visit to a sushi train restaurant with friends isn’t exactly going to fill you with joy. While the touch panel screens and the treat of watching your orders arrive on a conveyor belt is always entertaining, wouldn’t it be nicer if there were a few more fish-phobic options on the menu?

That’s exactly what a new chain of restaurants in Japan is offering, with vegetarian sushi, made with fresh, seasonal vegetables, and a host of other meat-based dishes, including ham and pork-topped sushi options, available for customers.

We paid a visit to Sushi Nova at their brand new location, the first of a hundred to hit Japan by 2019, and were incredibly impressed with what they had to offer.

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Conveyor belt restaurant chain Kappa Sushi set to offer vegetable sushi at swanky new restaurants

Popular conveyor belt sushi chain Kappa Sushi (pronounced Kappa Zushi) is known around Japan for its tasty morsels, starting at 108 yen (US$0.90) per plate, and its family-friendly setting, with cosy booths and a cute logo featuring an animated kappa, or water sprite (think Sandy from the TV series Monkey Magic, only tinier, rounder and a thousand times cuter).

Now the well-known chain is moving things up a notch, with the September 18 opening of a new type of conveyor belt restaurant called Sushi Nova. Featuring fashionable, modern interiors and a salad sushi menu that uses seasonal vegetables in place of fish, the company plans to open 100 of these new restaurants in Japan by 2019.

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