It’s time to get hot and bothered with 10 different charming ladies.

Japan has a history of making excellent and sometimes bewildering commercials, be it promoting a can of coffee or a bottle of Calpis Soda. Adding to the ever-expanding list of quirky ads is a series of videos made by Kao, a Japanese company renowned for its cosmetic products.

The series of six-second ads promotes Kao’s latest deodorant for men, the Humming Fine DEO EX, by making viewers break out in a nervous sweat. And what better way to do that than with ten heart-pumping encounters with the opposite sex.

The first video shows the quintessential Japanese after-work drinking party, or nomikai, when colleagues bond together over a drink. The evening may mark the start of many exciting things to come when a demure coworker takes a seat beside you.

▼ 1. “I wanted to sit beside you.”

What happens when you and your pouting girlfriend are alone in your room? Well, it can only lead to a few things….

▼ 2. “Hey, let’s make out.”

A female colleague approaches you at work with a twinkle in her eye.

▼ 3. “You’re looking fresh these days.”

A beautiful instructor chats you up after you’ve worked up a sweat at the local gym.

▼ 4. “You look fresh even when you sweat.”

You catch a cute vendor girl at the baseball stadium staring longingly at you, her smile slipping as she’s clearly distracted by her customer.

▼ 5. “Here’s your beer.”

That senior coworker you look up to takes a whiff and gives you a disapproving look in the meeting room.

▼ 6. “Using only deodorant sprays again?”

Your junior gazes at you and timidly asks for guidance in the office.

▼ 7. “Please teach me, senpai.”

Your girlfriend pops an innocent question while you’re in the cinema.

▼ 8. “Hey, can I rest my head on your shoulders?”

Festivals can get really hot, and it doesn’t help when an attractive friend passes you a towel she was using just earlier.

▼ 9. “You’re sweating. Want to wipe it off?”

You’re just chilling out in a classy hotel lounge when a charming woman approaches you, asking for your number with a smile.

▼ 10. “Let’s exchange numbers.”

Did you break out in sweat when approached by those ladies? Humming Fine DEO EX removes stinky odor using patented “dry technology”, but if you prefer a cheaper option, perhaps just a plastic bottle under your arm pits will do.

Source: YouTube/KaoJapan via PR TIMES
Images: YouTube/KaoJapan