During the summer in Japan, it’s a constant battle between trying to save energy and keeping yourself from melting in the hot, humid weather. Some choose to use deodorizing wipes to keep the stink and sweat away, others simply indulge in Japan’s irresistible ice cream for some eco-friendly relief. But what if you’re a pet bird with an energy-conscious owner who refuses to keep the house cool? This little parakeet has found the solution: a cool dip in someone’s glass of iced tea!

Shared an incredible 15,401 times at the time of this writing (and counting!), this green parakeet looks entirely happy, feathers a-fluff, as he nestles into a cold tea bath:

You know it’s time to turn on the air conditioning when your pet bird starts invading your guest’s freshly poured mugi-cha (roasted barley tea, a summer must-have in Japan). So come on, give this little guy a break and turn on that air con!

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (cba35_specV)