Some things you just can’t unsee.

We must admit that we have a soft spot for Japan’s commercials. Whether they’re weird or surprisingly touching, we often enjoy the advertisements as much as (sometimes even more) fun than the programs they appear between. And the newest ad for the popular soft drink Calpis Soda (called Calpico in the US) takes the weirdness dial and cranks it to eleven!

▼ But not before getting medieval on your heiney.


This is apparently a bit of a departure from the norm for Calpis, though, as their commercials tend to feature young actors looking fresh and lively. This, however, one starts a bit differently, with a scene of two samurai armies facing off, ready to cut each other up. It’s definitely not what most viewers expect from a Calpis ad…which makes it the perfect set up for what comes next!

▼ “You’ll never believe this one weird trick!”


As the leaders raise their war fans, they shout as loud as possible, “Everyone! Loosen up!” And then…well, you really need to see it for yourself.

We’re not sure if Calpis can actually cause all your clothes to fly off or inspire yodeling and whatever this is…

▼ Can you experience acid flashbacks without actually doing acid?


…and we’re not sure we want to find out! Maybe we should have P.K. Sanjun taste-test it — he’s used to dealing with awkward situations.

And if you need something to help you fall asleep in peace after watching this traumatizing/amazing video, we have the perfect music for you! Though we can’t promise you’ll have sweet dreams…

Source: YouTube/Asahi Group Official Channel, Irorio
Images: YouTube/Asahi Group Official Channel