This WWII-era battery still has what it takes to tumble with modern devices.

We’ve seen special batteries before that let you charge your devices in style, whether it’s a Super Nintendo controller or a Poké Ball.

But if you really want to have the coolest charger on the block, then you’ve got to get yourself a 70-plus-year-old Japanese battery, because apparently these things are built to last.

When Japanese Twitter user @hieiteitoku1121 showed off one being used to power a modern calculator, the Japanese Internet was in shock.

“My calculator worked with a close-to-100-year-old battery.
Seems like it’s still generating power.”

▼ And here’s a video version showing the calculator not working when
not hooked up, then springing to life as soon as the battery is attached.

Gotta say, I’m incredibly surprised that not only was this ancient battery still working more or less perfectly, but the fact that it wasn’t leaking battery acid and causing a health hazard in the general vicinity feels like a miracle.

The original poster did claim that the battery was about 100 years old, but other netizens chimed in to try and track down its exact age. Originally it was believed to be about 100 years old since, after looking it up, the company on the battery produced them around 1918.

However, due to the kanji on the battery being written in the more modern style of left-to-right instead of the traditional right-to-left, others believed it was produced sometime around 1940, or possibly right before WWII. Either way, it’s still incredible that it survived all the way to today.

▼ And for anyone curious, it’s about as powerful as
a battery one-eighth its size today. Hooray for progress!

A very cool find for sure, but we do have to ask, is this a battery we can ship off to some idols so they can charge it up for us with their sweat?

Source/featured image: Twitter/@hieiteitoku1121