Why let your plushies sit inside your room all day? Now you can take them out for a walk.

Namco has struck gold. They’ve created a bag especially for plushies so that you can take them with you wherever you go! The round-shaped bag comes with a strap that you can use by itself or to attach to other bags, and it comes with an adorable little hood for rainy days.

▼ It even has cat ears!

The plushie bag comes in purple, light green, and blue. Owners of character plushies will be able to decorate the bag with pins and badges for added impact, creating an eye-catching addition to larger bags.

▼ Attach your little buddy to your purse so they can confuse pickpockets.

▼ Strap them to the top of your suitcase so they don’t suffocate inside.

Here’s what some Japanese netizens had to say about the new product:

“Wow – this is so cute!”
“I want one!”
“This is really cool! You don’t have to worry about dropping your plushie. (Well, not that I normally carry my plushies around or anything…)”
“It’s cute, but there are only cooler colors!”
“What is it, a baby???”

The plushie bags are proving to be wildly popular at Otomate Chara Pop stores in Ikebukuro and Kyoto, where they’re currently on sale for 2,980 yen (USD $26.78) each. While stock has just sold out at Ikebukuro, the bags will be released at the Otomate Chara Pop stores in Shinjuku and Kyoto on 29 July, with Fukuoka to follow on 11 August.

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Source: Nijimen

Images: Namco