Let your dog carry its own poop around with new Japanese randoseru school backpack for dogs

Well, your pup’s not really going to be carrying pens and books to school now, is it? 

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Japanese randoseru schoolbag becomes a sling bag for adults

For cool kids who are all grown up.

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Japanese bag maker creates demon-slaying bag based on five-year-old’s sketch

No more demons are getting past this kid.

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You+More now selling an adorable new Akita puppy plushie and tiny puppy pouches

Life-like, realistic, and supremely lovable!

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Japanese bag maker to sell bag specifically for carrying around a watermelon

Designed to perfectly fit that watermelon that you are obviously trying to carry around everywhere.

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Invite some luck into your life this year with Furla’s new Little Cats collection of merch

The new lineup of luxury goods draws inspiration from Japan’s manekineko “beckoning cat” figurines. 

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Beautifully crafted bag shows off intricate artistry and is perfect for keeping your snowman cool

Practical? Maybe not. Gorgeous craftsmanship? Absolutely.

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Love oysters? You can now wear them in style — as a shoulder bag!

Finally, what all oyster lovers have been waiting for — a remarkably realistic oyster-shaped bag.

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Next time you go sightseeing, use a tote bag instead of a cross-body bag, says Japanese traveler

The tote bag is a much safer option than other bags that tourists tend to use, according to this Twitter user. 

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Giant teabag-shaped envelope now available to spice up your look

This teabag-shaped envelope that looks like a clutch bag should get you plenty of attention just by carrying it! 

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Exclusive hand-painted Louis Vuitton-Azur Lane secret collaboration project mystifies netizens

That is one amazing custom-made luxury bag.

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Namco creates the perfect plushie bag for your little pal

Why let your plushies sit inside your room all day? Now you can take them out for a walk.

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Fan support makes fictitious Cup Noodle shopping bags a reality, sell out in days

Cup Noodle continues its reign as the most democratic instant ramen brand around.

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These fan-made Luna and Artemis bags available on Etsy look absolutely awesome!

Whether you’re a huge Sailor Moon fan or not, we’re pretty sure you’ll swoon over how cute these Luna and Artemis bags from Etsy Shop DoroteeSweetlips are! 

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These adorable handmade “cat bags” are all the rage online and with good reason!【Pics】

Handmade goods have a certain appeal that seems to transcend time. As much as we love our precisely designed and machine-crafted products, it’s hard to deny the draw of individually crafted items. Whether its watches or high fashion, knowing something was put together by a dedicated worker just makes it that much better.

So while these cat bags are nothing short of insanely adorable, the fact that they were all individually handmade by one person makes them that much more awesome! Read More

That moment when you realize you forgot to take your dog out of your handbag

People are always forgetting to take stuff out of their bags. Sometimes you’ll hear your phone ringing and have to rush to unzip all your rucksacks, or you’ll have to scrabble through endless purses to find the one you left that receipt in. Or sometimes you’ll hear your dog barking and… huh?

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“Please help” – Note written by man in Chinese labour camp found in New York department store bag

While some of us get to spend our days taking selfies, slurping on Starbucks and shopping at designer stores, others are not quite so lucky.

In a crushing reminder of the disparities and injustice that exist in our world, a woman shopping at luxury New York department store Saks Fifth Avenue has discovered a note at the bottom of her bag written by a man imprisoned in a forced labour camp in China, pleading for help contacting his family and the United Nations.

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Hey, Slimebags!! No, Not You – Limited Edition Bags to be Handed Out at Lawson Convenience Stores

Arguably Japan’s most successful video game franchise and mightiest convenience store chain are joining forces again to celebrate the re-release of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden (aka Dragon Warrior VII) for the Nintendo 3DS.

In their previous celebration of Dragon Quest X a limited edition plastic bag was handed out stylized after the hit game online game.  This time they’re taking it further with a new style of bag never before seen from Lawson’s – and possibly never again.

There are two types of bags available each depicting the lovable enemy “slime” from the Dragon Quest series.

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【TGS 2012】 Sega Invades Tokyo Game Show with Monster Bag, Dominates Show


Although it’s often easy to forget, what with all those games to be played and women in skimpy costumes to pretend not to be staring at, Tokyo Game Show, like every other trade show of its kind, is really all about one thing for the companies attending- advertising and self-promotion.

So when the games have been played, the doors have been closed and the booth girls are just lifeless still images on an otaku’s hard-disk, what remains? Why, of course, the freebies! The swag that seems like an amazing idea until you ride the train home with it and realise that, outside of the event setting with every other guy carrying the same junk, you look faintly ridiculous.

And TGS had it by the bucket-load.

But Sega, the house that built Sonic the Hedgehog and dozens of other gaming greats, pulled out all the stops this year, and, proving that size really does matter, absolutely dominated the show. Read More