There is a limited chance to try out Kurazushi’s latest transmogrification of vinegared rice.

Let’s travel way back in time to the summer of the year two-thousand and sixteen. It was the end of an era as the final VCR in the world rolled off the assembly line. Many predicted a brash U.S. Republican presidential candidate was going to be the death of the party, while a surge in traffic accidents occurred as motorists were busy chasing virtual two-headed ostrich-type things.

This was also the time when popular revolving sushi chain Kurazushi unleashed Shari Cola on an unsuspecting public. “Shari” is the name of the rice used in sushi which is flavored with a special vinegar to give it a sweet taste.

▼ Now available in 12-packs

People flocked to try this concoction only to realize that, aside from a slightly filmy texture, Shari Cola isn’t all that far off from regular cola. It makes sense, as in both cases we’re really just drinking a butt-load of sugar with some ancillary tangy and spicy flavors.

Still, it turned out to be a success, and to celebrate its one year on the market, Kurazushi has transferred the taste of shari into yet another foodstuff: Shari Cola Cream Puffs.

Yes, Shari Cola Cream Puffs take the great taste of vinegared rice and condenses it into a carbonated beverage, which is then condensed yet again into cream and injected into a tender pastry, just as nature intended.

To put it more specifically: high quality rice is malted and fermented in a similar process used to make the very sweet drink amazake. A bit of vinegar, some carbonation, and other special ingredients are added for good measure giving you Shari Cola. This beloved drink is then mixed into some whipped cream and placed inside choux pastry.

By now you can see sushi cream puffs are not nearly as weird as they sound, so you better run out to your local Japanese supermarket and get one for 108 yen (US$1) fast because quantities are limited. If you’re too late, however, fear not. You can still enjoy a nice Shari Cola Shaved Ice on sale well into September.

Failing that, you’ll just have to wait until the two-year anniversary when the Shari Cola Filled Candy Coated Cream Puff Flavored Cupcake Topped Curry Bread Megaburgerpizza Salad is released.

Source: Kurazushi, NetLab
Images: PR Wire