cream puff

In the search for the perfect crunchy cream puff, we try Beard Papa’s new cookie-topped choux

Topped with langue de chat cookie dough and then baked, this cream puff has promise, but is it enough?

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Choux pastry mania: Mr. Sato tries Beard Papa’s new Japanese-style cream puffs 【Taste Test】

A summer delight from Japan’s iconic cream puff chain.

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Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley

Pastry may or may not have been weaponized by attackers.

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We tried a special savory green tea and rice-flavored cream puff available for only one day

This combination of traditional Japanese snack and French pastry has got to be one of the oddest we have seen.

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Cream puffs filled with sushi-rice cola now on sale

There is a limited chance to try out Kurazushi’s latest transmogrification of vinegared rice.

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Gari Gari Kun finally releases a delicious specialty flavor frozen snack, we still don’t trust them

First came corn soup flavor in 2012. Although unusual, it did find itself a very strong fan base for its sweet yet somewhat savory taste uncharacteristic of ice candy such as Gari Gari Kun. In 2013, Gari Gari Kun’s makers rolled out potato stew flavor, upping the savoriness factor by including little rubbery bits of potato inside the ice cream. Earlier this year, Japan was surprised by the sudden release of a spaghetti flavored Gari Gari Kun that could best be described as eating an ice-cold hot dog covered in ketchup and dipped in a frosty glass of milk.

After this onslaught of increasingly odd flavors, the Japanese public wasn’t sure whether to trust the makers of Gari Gari Kun ever again with a new flavor. However, on 22 April they released a “cream puff flavor” that both looks and sounds fantastic. But can an already shell-shocked public trust that this relatively normal flavored ice pop is safe for consumption? We picked a few up to find out.

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Care for a cream puff? Osaka elementary school teachers allegedly serial drugged by colleague

Whether during classes or assemblies, it can be hard to stay awake at school. For many kids it can be hard to stay up once the sugar rush of their morning Fruit Loops crashes during those crucial seven times tables. Heck, even teachers need an extra coffee or five every once in a while to get through the day.

However, when teachers start passing out and waking up two days later in hospital, there may be something especially wrong at the school. When this starts happening on an almost yearly basis – as it reportedly was at Kamikita Elementary School in Osaka – then we’re looking at major issues.

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Drink up! This year’s drinkable cream puffs are 20 percent bigger

For real, the best part of a cream puff is the cream, right? I mean, that thin bread-like exterior only serves to keep us one step farther away from the delicious juicy insides. But with the invention of the drinkable cream puff, inserting a straw into the specially designed pastry gives you direct access to the slightly soupier prize inside.

Drinkable cream puffs aren’t new, but this year’s are twenty percent bigger and come in two new flavors!

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