This New York store has only just opened and already the Internet’s gone into meltdown over their unique Japanese-influenced ice creams!

One of Japan’s most well-known sweets is a fish-shaped cake called taiyaki, which literally translates to “baked sea bream”. Made with a rich waffle or pancake batter and traditionally filled with a sweet adzuki red bean paste, the distinctive design of this popular street stall confection comes from the unique cast iron moulds they’re heated in.


Now Japan’s traditional taiyaki treat has journeyed across the Pacific and popped up in a new store in the heart of New York’s Chinatown and Little Italy, with a brand new look that’s stunning sweet lovers around the globe.

The modified dessert is made from a different batter to give the waffles a crispier texture and the fish now has a larger mouth to hold a creamy soft serve ice cream, while its tail hides a surprise filling of custard or red bean!

The delicious-looking dessert is being sold at a new store called Taiyaki NYC, where the unique design is created with special fish-shaped equipment ordered from Japan and Taiwan.

The idea for the store came about when its co-owner, Jimmy Chen, fell in love with the cute-looking Taiyaki while travelling in Japan. Despite just opening on 16 September, the store is already proving to be a success, with hundreds of images of the cute sweets already popping up all over Instagram.

The fish-shaped cone comes filled with a variety of ice cream flavours, including green tea and black sesame…

▼ And chocolate and plain vanilla!

Toppings include sprinkles, fresh strawberries, wafers, and sticks of mochi glutinous rice pieces.

To see how the cute desserts are made from start to finish, check out the short clip below!

For once, it looks like it’s people in Japan who are missing out on one of the world’s cutest new treats! To find out more about the new ice creams, check out the Taiyaki NYC website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

Source: Iroiro
Top Image: Instagram/taiyakinyc
Insert Image: Wikimedia Commons/Toto-tarou