Add a caffeine boost to your toast and sandwiches with this new spread from a popular Japanese coffee brand.

As one of the largest dairy companies in the country, Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand Company is known for its range of popular butters, yoghurts, cheeses and creamy desserts, but one of its longest-selling products is its Snow Brand Coffee.

▼ The coffee in a carton is so popular it’s even made appearances at Comiket with special anime characters incorporated into its design.

After its launch in the early ’60s, the coffee drink is now celebrating its 55th anniversary on the market with a very unusual treat for caffeine lovers around the country. According to the Megmilk Snow Brand Company, the milky coffee will now be making its debut as a spread, designed to be used on bread and toast just like butter or margarine.


The new product, called “Snow Brand Coffee Soft” (butter-like spreads are often branded with the word “soft” in Japan), is set to make its debut at supermarkets around the country from 1 March. According to the company, the new spread will contain all the flavour and fragrance of the original coffee drink, including its sweet and mellow milky undertones, making it the perfect addition to plain bread, toast, croissants and pancakes. The soft spread can even be used to dress up sweet snacks and sponge cakes with a hint of coffee flavour.


We can’t wait to see how much of a caffeinated punch the new soft spread delivers when it appears in supermarket refrigerators around Japan from 1 March. Set to retail for 230 yen (US$2), it looks like this might be a perfect companion for the crazy chocolate slices brought out by Japanese company Bourbon last year!

Source, images: @Press

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