He just can’t stop being a sexy beast, can he?

Ever since Mr.Sato realized that slimming tea did absolutely nothing to his body, he began to seriously consider the tried-and-true method of improving one’s health: exercise. He signed up for pole dancing class, and coupled with some core training, hoped to get the results he’d been looking for.

But it didn’t occur to Mr. Sato that pole dancing could be this fun, and before he knew it he was visiting the dance studio up to three times a week. After eight months our reporter decided it was time to unfurl his wings and take center stage in a performance debut in ALAMAS CAFE in Shinjuku.

Mr. Sato recalled passing by ALAMAS CAFE last December when Chie, a professional pole dancer from dance studio LUXURICA, called out to him from within. Since our reporter was searching for ways to reverse his decadent lifestyle back then, he couldn’t possibly refuse dancing lessons offered by the charming lady.

That was eight months ago, and seeing Chie twirl on a pole effortlessly spurred Mr. Sato to greater heights. He thought about giving up on countless occasions, but he drew strength from within… mostly from the time when he consumed a Whopper with 1000 slices of cheese.

Finally, he was able to showcase his debut pole dancing performance at the very venue where they first met.

▼ Here’s the video result of that iron will in action.
He’s now a swan in flight!

Looking back, not all was smooth sailing for Mr. Sato though. One of the techniques that initially stumped him was the tripod headstand, a maneuver many pole dancing moves are based on. Try as he might, he just couldn’t pull it off confidently back in June.

▼ Mr. Sato giving his best at a tripod headstand.

▼ But after practicing the move every day,
our reporter finally showed the pole who’s boss.

There were many things preventing him from achieving his best that night. Before the actual performance, Mr. Sato only had 30 minutes for one rehearsal, not to mention that the store’s pole was thinner and much more slippery than he was used to.

▼ Despite that, he pulled off an awesome Lean Back

▼ …and a magnificent Chopper.

▼ But what thrilled him the most was a combination move with
the lady who introduced this wonderful exercise to him: Chie.

▼ Diligent student Mr. Sato and his charming mentor Chie

And what about Mr. Sato’s physique? Well, his chest and abs did become a little more chiseled from practicing all those strenuous moves.

▼ Though for all the tremendous amount of work he’s put in,
our reporter was expecting a more dramatic change.

▼ A bit of flab seems to have melted away there.

▼ Don’t beat yourself up, Mr. Sato.
This was what you looked like a year ago!

Despite our reporter’s goofball demeanor, he’s extremely committed to whatever he sets his mind on. Will this mark the birth of a new pole dancing sensation?

Perhaps not, but there’s no denying that this dude has done enough impressive things to last three lifetimes, like taking part in body sushi or pretending to be a teen to get cigarettes. Whatever it is you do, Mr. Sato, know that we’re always rooting for you!

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