Mr. Sato was feeling in a rut with his progression as a pole dancer, so he decided to take action and improve his core strength.

In an effort to offset the damage done to his body through extensive eating, drinking, and smoking, Mr Sato. began taking a pole dancing class last December. It has helped a lot in terms of improving his posture and energy.

However, lately he’s been feeling as though he hit a wall in his dancing and thought he would need more core strength to reach the next plateau. So, he signed up for an intensive five-day training session at Diamond Fitness in Azabu-juban.

It was called the 30-Minute Exercise Knockdown but actually each session would go for 45 minutes including stretching time. The centerpiece of this workout is the Da Vinci BodyBoard which is apparently big in the USA and beginning to get a little notoriety in Japan these days.


Day 0

Before taking on five-straight days of the 30-Minute Exercise Knockdown it was important to measure Mr. Sato’s body condition to see how he would improve. Using a body composition meter our gluttonous reporter was actually found to be rather spry with a muscle mass of 50.5 kilograms (111 pounds) and a fat percentage of 15.2.

Hus muscle mass was a little above average for a man his age, so it looked like those pole dancing lessons have been paying off. But if he was really going to headline in the finest gentleman’s clubs, he would have to kick things up a notch.

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 0

Day 1

In the first group workout Mr. Sato struggled to keep up with the fast, unflinching pace of the session. Unlike many other muscular exercise routines this one incorporated aerobic elements designed to burn fat quickly.

There was music playing to help Mr. Sato keep pace, but it took everything he had not to collapse on the floor. The pain was remarkable but after the work-out he certainly felt his muscles were tighter. The next day, however, he just hurt.

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 1

● Day 2

The second day was pretty much the same as the first, but now that Mr. Sato knew the moves he didn’t have to struggle as much to keep up. Although he was still sore from the day before, in a way that helped. The pain of the previous day masked the new pain he was getting, making it more bearable.

On top of that he could feel a little more power from within carrying him through this grueling half hour. Again, the following morning Mr. Sato’s body was soaked with pain.

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 2

Day 3

On the third day Mr. Sato felt he made a breakthrough. The soreness wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been the previous two days and he was able to go through the same exercises more smoothly than ever. He wondered if this was a sign of his core strengthening.

Afterward, he could also begin to see signs of improvement in his physique as a six-pack began to emerge!

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 3

However, following his 30-Minute Exercise Knockdown, Mr. Sato also had a pole dancing class. Tackling both the pole and the Da Vinci BodyBoard in one day was daunting, but he had to stick to his routine or he would never improve.

Even in his pole dancing, Mr. Sato noticed improvements, he could flip upside down more easily than ever before. However, by the latter half of his lesson all the power drained from his arms. He was no spring chicken and had reached his limit on this day.

● Day 4

The combination of the Da Vinci BodyBoard and pole took a toll on Mr. Sato, who crawled out of bed in more pain that ever before. Not only that but today was a special one-on-one workout with his instructor. There would be no hiding in the back of the class to mask his lack of hustle on this day.

He wanted to cancel, but he had asked them to give him sweet abs in five days and that was what they were doing. If he never got the core strength he wanted it would all be on him and him alone. So, he girded his fundoshi and began.

It was every bit as hard as he expected…but in the end when he lifted his shirt he could just manage to utter a weak “wow” as he witnessed his new washboard abs.

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 4

Day 5

It had been a long, difficult week of 30-minute non-stop exercises, but if it wasn’t for this difficulty and pain, Mr. Sato never would have transformed so much so quickly.

Waves of anguish still rippled through his body but at the end of it all, he could still muster a smile as he looked upon the finished product.

Let’s take a look at his full progress over these five days.

Looking at the Day 0 and Day 5 images his change is obvious. In fact, Mr. Sato is so cut now, he could be a character in classic video game Pit Fighter.

Appearances can be deceiving though, so it was time to go back to the scale to see how his fat and muscle developed over the past five days.

His muscle mass went up from 50.5 to 53.9 kilograms (119 pounds)! Not too shabby.

Mr. Sato’s fat percentage, however, dropped dramatically from 15.2 to only 9.4!

So in the end, Mr. Sato was able to significantly transform his body. Moreover, during the five days he had paid no attention to his diet and since we have a pretty good idea of how he normally eats, that only makes the accomplishment more amazing.

Motivated by his own success, he would like to try again with a more strict nutrition plan to become even more beefy. Then, perhaps, he can become the greatest male pole dancer in all of Japan!

Source: Diamond Fitness Azabu-juban
Images: SoraNews24
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