Prompto, Noctis, Gladio and Ignis settle down around a fire, and look good doing it.

In Final Fantasy XV, players can find areas called havens, indicated by tent icons on their maps, where they can rest and level up. Cosplayers and costume and prop designers KnowOne’s Designs, along with their friends from Frank and Nat’s Armory, decided to recreate this element of the game by taking their awesome costumes and setting up camp under the beautiful starry skies of Arizona.

▼ Julius Photography’s fantastic photos of both the cosplayers and the skies above make the real-life sky look almost virtual in its beauty.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as their trip coincided with one of the two nights of the year when the faint band astronomers refer to as the Milky Way was most visible, something many people will have never seen because of the amount of light pollution around most towns and cities. The stunning backdrop really brings these photos to life.

Noctis and Ignis are KnowOne’s Designs Jackie and Garrick Backer; Prompto and Gladiolus are Frank and Nat’s Armory’s Frank and Nat (funnily enough) respectively.

▼ Prompto, Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis in better-lit surrounds

▼ Here the group can be seen with suitably over-sized weaponry, and Iris.
All the costumes were made by their wearers.

Whether they received a quest come the morning, remains unknown. We’d like to think that the evening involved a good Ignis-cooked meal and training, or at the very least a few drinks.

Phoenix, Arizona-based KnowOne’s Designs and Frank and Nat’s Armory both produce props and costumes on commission and can be contacted through their websites or their Facebook pages below. If the amazing photos above have got you in the mood to try and make your very own costumes and props, we’ve got some ideas for you: you can try your hand at swords, wigs, or even bulging muscles for your next cosplay adventure!

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Featured image: Facebook/KnowOne’s Designs