Adorably awesome but timid prankster stalks cosplayers, with musical accompaniment, at Indiana’s Indy PopCon.

Armed only with a melodica (a harmonica-like instrument with a keyboard, also known as a pianica), a sense of mischief and an ever-so-charming rabbit in the headlights expression, YouTuber and musician LilyPichu went to America’s Indiana Pop Culture and Comic Con last month as one of the guests of honour. Putting her melodica skills and extensive anime and film theme song knowledge into action, LilyPichu snuck up on costume wearers and surprised them with their very own soundtrack.

Despite the melodia’s unassuming ocarina or recorder-like sound, most of the cosplayers (with the exception of a rather unimpressed looking scout trooper) were delighted to be serenaded as soon as they recognised the songs, although some took considerably longer than others to notice.

▼ A less than chuffed scout trooper, possibly because he seems to have misplaced his speeder bike.

The costumes and music went from the world of games, such as Legend of Zelda, to films like Star Wars, Frozen and anime’s Spirited AwayFullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. LilyPichu was too nervous to complete her first attempt, but as the plucky musician wandered the venue, she quickly built up the courage to jump out at or scamper after unsuspecting cosplaying convention attendees.

Frozen‘s Elsa recognises the opening notes of the stupidly catchy earworm, Let It Go.

▼ LilyPichu got a surprise of her own when Obi-Wan Kenobi turned round to reveal… the fashion faux pas of sunglasses indoors.

Check out LilyPichu’s YouTube channel for musical silliness, parody songs and general cuteness.

Source, images: YouTube/LilyPichu
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