Hundreds of dollars in cash left in tatters… and beyond repair?

If classroom excuses are to be believed, dogs around the world are responsible for eating entire forests of paper in the form of homework every year.

Japanese Twitter user @asuka1216na5 has had the same problem but, instead of homework, their salary was destroyed. In the photo, several tens of thousands of yen can be seen ripped to shreds, contrasting with the butter-wouldn’t-melt innocent face of the canine perpetrator.

▼ With each 10,000 yen note equating to over 90 U.S. dollars,
this dog has expensive taste.

Other Twitter users joined, many offering words of consolation or support for the poor culprit, oblivious to what it had done. Some comments debated the monetary value lost, presumably much more fun when it’s somebody else’s money.

One netizen, perhaps adding salt to the wound, provided a larger, zoomed-in image, easier to see how much money had gone down the drain in the frenzied attack.

Another Twitter user noticed the look on the face of Hideyo Noguchi, the bacteriologist who graces the Japanese 1,000 yen note. Remaining relatively intact amidst the death and destruction, they imagined the words coming out of his mouth to be: “Help… me….”

While not in the same ball park as @asuka1216na5’s loss, some consolation can be had from the fact that theirs is not the only dog to have made their owner’s hard work for nothing. At least one other netizen shared their cute pet pooch, who looks as pure as the driven snow, and also has a taste for cash.

Perhaps the most useful response, especially for those like myself who have more than once used bank notes that are ripped or in various states of disrepair (sometimes stained blue from being washed in jeans’ pockets), was the following helpful chart.

It shows that notes which have two-thirds or more of their surface area intact can be exchanged for the full value at a bank, while at least two-fifths will get you half the value back. Unfortunately less than that, and you’re out of luck.

Perhaps the dog was trying to make a philosophical statement — that money is just paper and metal, has no real intrinsic value, and that shredding it is a social critique of materialistic capitalism. But we have to say, that’s a real ruff way of showing it.

Well, at least this dog didn’t show off his destruction with a smug look on his face like we’ve seen some other pompous cats and dogs do before.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@asuka1216na5