Not when he has the cutest face, and eyes that have seen an eternity of sorrow.

Shiba Inu, the expressively-faced breed of Japanese dog that has starred in a thousand and one misspelt and grammatically incorrect memes, is known for being a bit of a handful. According to owners, they will chew up and destroy anything around them with gleeful abandon. The Shiba Inu in the following video, named Tora, is no exception.

Despite having ripped a defenceless soft toy limb from limb, with innards strewn in a mess everywhere, it’s physically impossible to be angry at such a cute face; clearly this dog is racked with guilt, or is just a fine manipulator of human heartstrings.

For any humans who may be reading this Shiba Inu are relatively small in size with stubby little legs. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and a holdover from this is an aggression and destructive instinct you wouldn’t expect from something so cute, like a toddler with a hammer.

Despite Tora’s relative youth and, according to the photos and videos on its very own Twitter account, a lifestyle with considerably more comfort and room to run around in than certain SoraNews24 writers, these are eyes that seem to have seen so much pain.

According to its owner, Tora isn’t necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer, as every time it’s time for a bath, he’ll happily run into the bathroom until he realises the predicament he’s in. His defence, once more, is to flash those puppy dog eyes:

Australia resident Tora isn’t always such a misery guts though, stick a beer in front of him and he brightens up considerably:

If Tora has whet your appetite for Shiba Inu in cute or funny poses, there are plenty more photos where they came from.

Source: Twitter/@Toragome