Cats may not be crazy about water, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look unbelievably cute wearing sailor suit fashion.

It’s sort of ironic that while high schools in Japan stipulate that students must wear uniforms, the schoolgirl outfit is so popular that some people look for excuses to keep the motif in their wardrobes even after graduating. That sentiment has brought us sailor suit swimwear, roomwear, and even kimono, and now schoolgirl-inspired fashion is going beyond the bounds of humanity.

Designer Mam recently snapped and shared a series of photos of her latest creation: a schoolgirl-style collar for your pet cat!

Sporting the traditional navy, white, and red color scheme, the collar sports a draping section at the back, and in the front there’s a kerchief for maximum cuteness, as opposed to the necktie that’s part of some schools’ uniforms.

While the kerchief is actually pre-knotted, once the collar is placed on your kitty it creates the illusion of the ribbon being tied around its shoulders, with a little piece of crimson fabric sticking out in back.

Photos of the schoolcat collar were instantly met with cries of “Too cute!” and “I want one!” from online commenters. Luckily, Mam does indeed have an online shop, which can be found here, where dozens of her gorgeous collar designs can be ordered. The schoolgirl-inspired one isn’t available just yet, though, since it’s still in the testing stages. Mam promises that it’ll be for sale soon enough, though, and that she’ll make an announcement on Twitter once you can finally buy it for yourself.

In the meantime, you can tide yourself over with these adorable photos of Pino, the schoolgirl collar’s model…who’s actually a male!?!

But hey, if there’s sailor suit roomwear for men, it stands to reason that male cats can dress up like schoolgirls too.

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Source: IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@atelier_mam
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