Because watching the same old life-saving information can get boring sometimes.

You’re in your seat waiting for the plane to take off when the obligatory safety video starts playing. Suppressing a groan, you turn to your trusty phone to take your mind off of what seemed like common sense when flying: buckle seat belts, pull downwards to inflate life jackets, and don’t poop on the aisle.

Sounds familiar? Singapore Airlines (SIA) knows this, and being one of the top airlines in the world, they know just how to keep their passengers’ eyes on the in-flight safety video. Making liberal use of the island country’s many attractions like a river safari and a historical theatre, the video drives home the importance of safety while allowing travelers to enjoy the country’s sights.

▼ Here’s SIA’s new in-flight safety video.

Let’s take you through some of the sights in the video. The Intan Peranakan Home Museum, like its namesake, is a home-turned-museum belonging to a curator of Peranakan antiques. It highlights the lifestyle of ethnic Chinese who migrated to the Malay peninsula during the 15th century.

▼ Stow away your tray table during takeoff and landing,
as shown by example at The Intan Peranakan Home Museum.

Essentially a wildlife park, one of River Safari’s key attractions is a scenic cruise running along its perimeter.

▼ River Safari: buckle your seat belt.

Haji Lane is a trendy neighbourhood filled with art deco restaurants, bars, and cafes that attract both locals and foreigners alike with its stylish charm.

▼ Haji Lane: locate your nearest plane exit.

Shaped like a massive undulating wave, the wooden Henderson Waves Bridge is touted as the highest bridge in Singapore. Its artistic design draws joggers and fitness-minded individuals to traverse its span while taking in the picturesque scenery.

▼ These two models show you how to brace yourself
for emergency landings at Henderson Waves Bridge.

The recently refurbished Capitol Theatre is a historical single-screen cinema that also hosts theater and dance productions.

▼ Capitol Theatre: store your electronic devices away.

While SIA’s safety video is certainly more interesting to watch than a typical pre-flight video, flaunting a country’s best sights in such manner is by no means new. Qantas has done it for Australia:

And Air New Zealand? Well, it’s really hard to beat the epicness of the official airline of Middle-earth:

With so many revolutionary safety videos, it’s a lot easier for passengers to watch them from start to end. Although this may not work on Taiwan’s EVA Air, since passengers would most likely ogle at all the beautiful flight attendants instead.

Source: YouTube/Singapore Airlines via Design TAXI
Images: YouTube/Singapore Airlines