What’s not to like about dresses that instantly transform the wearer into a glamorous princess in the blink of an eye?

Disney characters are loved by people all over the world, and this is no exception in Japan. Their unique designs and personalities have made an impact here, and cosplayers dressing up as their favorite character, such as Elsa from Frozen, can often be seen at big events like Comiket.

Which is why Japanese Twitter has been set alight recently by news of Disney-themed gowns that can morph into different outfits within seconds.

▼ With a spin and a twirl, a peasant girl changes into a princess in the blink of an eye.

Handcrafted by Nephi Garcia, what started out as a costume from a loving father to his daughter during a Disneyland trip turned into a full-blown business with customers thirsting for more. Going by the online moniker of “Designer Daddy”, his transforming dresses are meant for children, and range from US$299 to $329 a piece.

While Garcia’s morphing gowns caused a stir online late last year, it caught the attention of Japanese Twitter just a few days ago, and Netizens were beside themselves with excitement:

“I want adult-sized versions!”
“That girl spinning around looked so happy, and almost as if it’s magic, the people watching her are cheered up too.”
“I want to return to my childhood for this.”
“This is so cute – what a fantastic idea!”

One Japanese Twitter user lamented that Japan, a country at the forefront of cosplay culture, didn’t come up with the brilliant idea first:

“Why wasn’t this designed by someone in Japan? Our cosplay-advanced country has so many toys and items that let children change into magical girls here.”

Not limited to just children’s gowns, Garcia has also turned to making non-transforming, jaw-dropping Disney-inspired dresses.

▼ This Snow White gown is just spot on.

▼ That’s a very convincing Evil Queen costume, with bids starting at $1,300.

▼ The Blue Fairy’s costume from Pinocchio is fitted with 1,700 LED light bulbs. Bids also start at $1,300.

Garcia’s growing collection of gowns are available online at his Designer Daddy website.

A fashion designer is one thing, but being one who makes Disney-inspired clothing for his daughter is beyond awesome. Garcia’s dresses may be a little pricey, but they’re all painstakingly handmade with astonishing detail. If that’s out of your league, budget costumes still remain a viable option, since all it costs is your pride.

Source: Designer Daddy via My Game News Flash, Twitter/@disney_around
Featured image: Instagram/designerdaddy_