We all know the cold’s never bothered her, but the Disney star would probably need a little help surviving the heat.

You could argue that, for the most dedicated enthusiasts, cosplay isn’t just playing dress-up, but a form of acting. Sure, your costume, hairstyling, and makeup are all important, but to really radiate the same aura as the character you’re cosplaying as, you need to think about his or her psychology and apply it to the situation at hand.

That’s what makes this casual cosplay photo so great. After all, this is exactly how we’d expect Frozen’s Elsa to be dealing with the lingering heat of a hot, humid Japanese summer.

In the snapshot, shared by Japanese Twitter user @luna_miduki, we see Disney’s reigning snow queen at an unspecified cosplay event. The gown and braid are spot-on, yet what truly sells the illusion is the way Elsa, who’s so famously proclaimed that the cold’s never bothered her, seems to be on the verge of withering, something that only seems to be prevented by the soothing, cooling popsicle Her Highness is snacking on.

Online comments have included:

“Totally convincing.”
“I like how it looks like Elsa just finished a hard day at work.”
“Her Majesty, backstage.”

However, while Elsa may have found a chilled coping mechanism, one observer pointed out that not everyone in the photo is capable of enjoying such a simple luxury, saying “Whoever’s in that bear suit must be dying from the heat.” So hopefully once Elsa finished her treat, she whipped up a little ice storm to cool off her fellow cosplayers whose costumes included headgear of some sort.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@luna_miduki