The travel agency says: “North Korea is a safe country! No terrorism, no thieving, no earthquakes.”

Despite the fact that it has to be one of the most unsettling places to visit, taking a trip to North Korea would be a unique experience for any worldly traveler. There’s literally no other place like it… mostly for good reason.

And believe it or not there are tourism organizations in North Korea Internet-savvy enough to advertise themselves on Twitter. One such account, North Korean Travel Specialists JS Tours (@toursJs) tweets away happily in Japanese to prospective travelers near daily… despite the fact that North Korea launched a missile over northern Japan just a few days ago.

“Hey everyone, aren’t you forgetting something? North Korea is a safe country!”
(The image reads: “No terrorism, no thieving, no earthquakes.”)

Yeah… “safe…” that’s not quite the word I’d use.

Despite that though, JS Tours keeps on tweeting away, showing off whatever it can to try and attract Japanese tourists:

“One neat thing about the DPRK is good adults
having fun on these kinds of rides for kids.”

▼ This one is simply captioned “kawawiine,” which we guess is a misspelling of kawaii ne (“cute isn’t it?”) that they also forgot to convert to Japanese for some reason.

“Voice actors at North Korea 4.26 Animated Film Studio. The anime is The Boy General. It’s similar to Dragon Ball. It’s popular across many ages.”

If you haven’t clicked on the above tweet to see the images at full size, you definitely should. The voice actors in the photo look like they’re having a pretty good time emoting their lines, and they alone make me kind of want to see what a North Korean Dragon Ball would look like.

JS Tours also makes some interesting tweets such as this one that starts off simply enough:

“At the Beijing Restaurant. Wow! So Pretty!”

…but then this happens in the comments:

▼ Commentor: “That’s some thick makeup.”
JS Tours: “So what?” (In English)

I don’t know about you, but seeing a North Korean travel agency reply to a Japanese troll tweet in sassy English made me laugh out loud.

Although not all of their “interesting” tweets are quite so humorous. This one was posted just two days after the missile scare over Japan:

“Wow. Special-edition stamps are being printed again.”
(Celebrating the missile launched a month earlier in July.)

Not exactly the most sensitive tweet in the world. And I don’t think those stamps are something that even the most daring Japanese tourists would want to bring back as souvenirs to their friends and family.

But if you yourself want to follow the continued attempts of JS Tours to entice Japanese travelers, then feel free to give them a follow on Twitter or Facebook. With many Japanese workers going to work as normal during the missile scare, maybe there are a few out there who’d be willing to sign up for such a one-of-a-kind experience.

Source: Twitter/@toursJs
Featured image: Twitter/@toursJs
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